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Above All Recovery Center is a provider of drug rehab programs for anyone needing to recover from addiction. With years of experience, we have a proven method of addiction treatment. Not only do we offer outpatient, and housing, we believe in a well-rounded approach to recovery.

Our truly comprehensive and integrative approach combines the traditional methods with the best of 12 step fellowship teachings, psychological therapies, and holistic approaches.

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Our Unique Phase Programs

Above All Recovery Center is licensed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and accredited by the Joint Commission on Behavioral Healthcare with the Gold Seal of Approval to treat alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders through addiction treatment. We excel at our core function as a beacon of hope for those feeling desperate and hopeless, providing a realistic set of goals during our phases.

AARCs’ Phase Programs allow for flexibility and is designed around the needs of each individual. Each client is eased into modes of recovery through our recovery, rebuild, and rise phases of treatment. AARC specializes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation at our premiere Fort Lauderdale campuses.

Experience in the Industry

Core Treatment Goals

Our addiction treatment programs are personalized and offer conventional treatment methods along with the newest holistic techniques for a comprehensive approach. However, the core mission stays the same which is based off a twelfth step philosophy that has saved millions from destruction. It is up to you to make the decision to change your life for the better.

Our Addiction Treatment Services are designed to provide a solid foundation for wholesome recovery and a framework for a healthy, sober lifestyle. If you are ready for the next stage in your recovery, then Above All Recovery Center is for you. Our admissions specialists are standing by for your phone call to conduct a no-cost assessment and evaluate your situation to provide you with the best possible advice.

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Vocational Trade School, Career Development, and Community

"At Above All Recovery Center, Our Alumni Program Goes Beyond Drug Rehab."

Insurance May Cover 100% of the Cost

We Accept Most Forms of Insurance

Don't have insurance? Don't Worry!

While most people do not have addiction treatment coverage, substance abuse therapy is attainable even with a lack of insurance. We can help you regardless of your situation. Contact us at (844) 699-4518 so that we can begin to work on creating a flexible plan for recovery from addiction or alcoholism.

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Our Fort Lauderdale Rehab Centers

Traditional Treatment Options

Where are you located?

We have three campuses throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We provide a quiet suburban setting for our transitional housing rehab. Our vocational center, The Recovery Workshop, is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our main rehab building is located in Oakland Park, Florida. We provide transportation between facilities for all patients.

What is your success rate?

Success rates are hard to determine as the act of a relapse can be very shameful for most suffering addicts. However, it is safe to say that Above All Recovery provides all the tools and opportunities for those we care for to have a real chance at life, sobriety, and success.

What is a COD?

Co-Occurring Disorder, The average sufferer is not aware but a large percentage of those struggling with a Substance Abuse and alcoholism tend to have some form of Co-Occurring Disorder i.e. Anxiety, depression, adhd, etc. At AARC we believe that to treat one issue and not the other will almost certainly lead to failure. We use a wide range of methodologies both clinical and holistic in order to help relieve the symptoms of these conditions.

I've been to treatment before and it didn’t work. Why should I go again?

Statistics show that some people must attend up to 7 treatment centers before they find a solution. The concept is not ALWAYS that you have been, more importantly, it is that you are willing to continue to put positive effort into change.

How long is the program?

While AARC is an Individualized program and Length of stay can vary from case to case, we recommend that clients follow all clinical advice and follow through with the full continuum of care. It is known in the Substance abuse and mental health field that continuity of care is crucial for success.

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Fort Lauderdale Drug Rehab Center

Above All Recovery Center

Above All Recovery is licensed by DCF to treat alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

AARC prides themselves on being a beacon of hope to those suffering from addiction.

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