AARC Scholarships

Above All Recovery Center Teams With Warriors of Purpose to help underprivileged recovering addicts find sobriety.

Above All Recovery Scholarships

Above All Recovery Center believes no suffering patient should be turned away because of financial reasons. We provide full scholarships for our unique phase program. With the help of our staff, we believe we can offer safe, successful recovery to anyone who wants it.

AARC believes in providing treatment to those that are most in need.

We have developed a scholarship program for those struggling with addiction who cannot afford treatment. Requirements are simple. If you or a loved one is willing to get sober and in need of addiction treatment, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below to see if you qualify.

Once qualified, patients will enter our unique phase program. Our phase program is comprised of three phases. Each stage signifies a stage of recovery. To learn more about our phase programs please contact us.