Recovery Addiction Resources

An Introduction to the 12 Steps

Drug dependency tears apart friends and families all over the world, and it’s costly. Each year the US government estimates $740 billion goes into costs related to drug related crimes, lost work productivity, and health care. But, it’s never too late to change. You might have heard of the 12-step program before, but did you […]

The Effects of Heroin Withdrawal

Image of a depressed drug addict looking at a syringe and drugs

Heroin Withdrawal and How to Detox Withdrawal is the period of time the body is detoxing the chemicals out of their system. This causes a range of signs and symptoms a person can expect up to 72 hours after the drug is used. Being a prolonged user of heroin can cause a person to experience […]

How Does Drug Rehab Work? A Guide

How Drug Rehab Works

When considering going into rehab, you may want to know how drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale works. There are different types of drug and alcohol treatment centers out there, but a majority of them follow standard procedures with their treatment programs. In most in-patient centers, treatment begins with the detoxification process to help the body […]

Addiction Treatment And Therapy For Adderall Abuse

addiction to adderall

Adderall is an addictive stimulant that often requires treatment in a rehab program to overcome the dependency. If you or a loved one are addicted to Adderall or another prescription stimulant, allow Above All Recovery Center to be the guide to success and recovery. With our years of experience, we are the premier solution to […]

Why Is Crack Cocaine So Addictive?

Woman with a crack addiction.

An addiction to crack cocaine is difficult to overcome without professional treatment. Above All Recovery Center can help you recover safely. Substance abuse is an epidemic throughout the country and overdoses are rising but you or your loved one can achieve long-term sobriety with evidence-based therapy solutions. What Is Crack Cocaine: An Explanation Crack cocaine […]

Xanax Addiction Treatment Center In Florida

Group therapy for Xanax abuse.

An untreated Xanax addiction can turn deadly when you run out of pills. Our rehab program for Xanax abuse is the best treatment solution in South Florida. Recover safely from your dependence on benzodiazepines with our evidence-based addiction services. Continue reading to find out why Above All Recovery Center is above the rest when it comes […]

Treatment Program For Crystal Meth Addiction Abuse

Hope for crystal meth abuse.

If you’re battling an addiction to methamphetamine, popularly known as crystal meth, then Above All Recovery Center will assist you in finding sobriety. If you’re the loved one of an addict, you’re in the right place. Continue reading to find out about the dangers of methamphetamine abuse and addiction. Our rehabilitation facilities have been helping […]

Insurance Accepted Substance Abuse Rehab Center

woman interested in an insurance accepted substance abuse rehab

Insurance is accepted at our substance abuse rehab center for drug addiction and alcoholism. Our admissions specialists can walk you through the process of verifying your health insurance plan benefits and discuss any out of pocket costs. We do not want finances to be a barrier from you receiving the help you need for your […]

The Easiest Way To Achieve Long Term Recovery

The guide to long term sobriety.

There are no shortcuts to sobriety, but some ways of achieving this gift are easier than others. We will explore the different options and offer you the best solution for recovery from your substance abuse or alcoholism. You can always try to white knuckle your sobriety cold turkey, that is what I did for many years […]