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The Recovery Workshop

We at Above All Recovery Center understand how hard it can be to make your way through a recovery program. Working through an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or something else can take a massive toll on your physical and emotional well-being.

As you embark on your recovery journey, you might find yourself looking for ways to relieve stress or to just try something different than traditional group sessions or individual therapy. We decided to incorporate a recovery vocational workshop, known as “The Shop”, into our program so clients can show off their creativity, learn new skills, and develop career and life skills.

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About Recovery Workshop

Recovery Workshop is free to anyone who is active in the recovery community. The programs we offer center around vocational trades, such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, creative art, tiling, painting, and basic home maintenance and repair. We provide career development services like resume building and careering coaching.

Working in the Shop is a one of a kind experience that is not found at other addiction recovery centers. It lets clients collaborate together to change their thinking. It also lets you grow as a person and start to kill any fears of failure. Spending time in the Shop is a great way to find yourself as a person and take some interesting classes. Those with lots of physical energy can dive right into hands-on and fulfilling projects in our expansive workshop. People who might be more focused and deliberate can also spend time in The Shop creating something great.

The Shop is just one of the many parts of our personalized addiction treatment plan that is custom tailored for you by an experienced and certified substance abuse counselor. Let us at Above All Recovery Center work with you towards a bright future.