Career Development

Career Development and Vocational Classes

Our clients suffering from years of alcohol or drug addiction may have trouble re-entering society following the completion of treatment. However, you can receive the assistance you need by utilizing our career development and vocational training programs set up specifically to offer you the tools and knowledge to help you succeed in sobriety. We have expert consultants that are true professionals and provide you with the tools to find employment and learn skills necessary to earn a living wage. Our professionals can assist you in earning a high school diploma if you do not have one. We work with career consultants to help clients create resumes that reflect their skills and background. If a client lacks a background in employment, our experts can help you find ways to volunteer or attend classes to learn the needed skills for future opportunities.

The Recovery Workshop

Our Recovery Workshop is a facility in Pompano Beach, Florida that is completely dedicated to teaching trades and skills to further employment skills for those in recovery. It’s not only open to our patients and alumni but to anyone in sobriety. Career development is an aspect of our Recovery Workshop classes.

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