Phase Three: Rise

Rise to Your Potential

By now, you’ve put in a lot of hard work on your recovery. Phase Three is all about reinforcing good habits and watching you grow physically, mentally, and emotionally thanks to your great work and dedication.

We want you to utilize all of our resources to begin to construct a daily schedule and life on your own that is completely separate from addiction and your past habits. In Phase Three, clients have access to AARC’s graduate sober home. This facility fosters a lifestyle of sobriety through structure and motivation by staff. Living in a supportive community has been shown to be one of the most powerful methods of addiction recovery. 


The last phase of our program lets clients really ingrain the effective attributes of our 12 step outreach system. Since our system focuses on the fundamentals, the lessons you learn are there for life.Our goal with the thriving phase is to keep you connected to our powerful resources and support structure even as you transition away from AARC. It is vitally important to not fall into the same habits and schedules you followed in your previous life of addiction. Since our alumni program includes 24/7 phone support, you know that there is always a supportive voice you can turn to whenever it is needed.


Self-care Assistance

Clients often work with each other to search for jobs, do chores, attend evening programs, and perform other self-care activities. Counselors continue to work with clients on a regular basis to answer any questions they might have, or just offer a supporting word when it is needed. We understand that getting ready to set off on your own can be daunting and a bit overwhelming. The staff at AARC stand ready to work with you through any stress or concerns and remind you of the progress you have made in the past. Groups and individual sessions are still included in phase three.

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