Phase Two : Rebuild

Start Rebuilding Your Life in Phase Two

Once clients have moved past the first phase, opportunities open up for more responsibility and privileges. Kicking an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or any other substance is a huge and noteworthy accomplishment. We want to equip you with all the tools you need to thrive as you continue on your recovery journey.

In Phase Two, clients are afforded opportunities for more free time to pursue their passions and interests. Addictions can rob a person of their energy, creativity, and motivation. You can use your extra time to learn new skills and try out different things. We want clients to really explore their feelings, emotions, and thoughts so they can begin to tear apart their old mindsets and limiting beliefs. Clients have access to our Recovery Workshop.

Our staff works with you to try and decipher triggers for substance abuse so you can replace them with a sober identity. They equip clients with tools to make changes immediately to their lifestyle and thoughts so they can take responsibility and begin to envision a great future ahead. Once you start to envision your future and take the steps to achieve it, the limiting beliefs of addiction and abuse begin to fade away for good


Those in Phase Two can also turn to our extensive alumni network to meet others who are interested in staying connected with the AARC family. Many clients find the weekly meetings and online support groups to be a great way to stay connected with everyone they meet and keep supporting each other no matter where they are in the world. Even after you leave AARC, we are dedicated to ensuring you stay successful and most of all, remain away from addiction.

Group Sessions

Group and individual therapy are some of the most effective ways for clients to establish a sober identity and really understand the roots for their addictions. Counseling sessions at AARC are completely confidential, and our counselors strive to engender a sense of trust and security. They make the process of establishing a new identity much easier as you begin to share experiences and emotions.

Our group therapy sessions are led by experienced facilitators who also ensure a safe and supportive environment. Since people in the group might be going through the same things you are, they can offer advice based on their own experiences and encourage you to begin to see yourself as a person in recovery, not as an addict.

Career Development

We work with expert consultants in many industries to help you get necessary certification and diplomas, or strategize ways to learn required skills if you have a certain job or goal in mind. Clients take time during this phase to volunteer for the community, which can add valuable experience to a resume. It can also provide a great talking point during an interview. Our focus is for clients to have a job for at least 30 days so they can have a reliable income and begin to get re-established in the working world again.


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