Our Outpatient Program

Our truly comprehensive and integrative approach combines the traditional outpatient methods with the best of the 12 step fellowship teachings, psychological therapies, “holistic” approaches, and “cutting-edge” energy psychology approaches such as EFT. Outpatient treatment provides flexibility for patients dealing with addiction. Our outpatient program is designed around the needs of each individual patient. Outpatient treatment typically consists of weekly groups and individual counseling sessions.

Outpatient Benefits

Simply stated, inpatient treatment is not always the most feasible or viable option for those who are simply not able to meet the commitments associated with this kind of treatment strategy. Fort Lauderdale drug outpatient treatment offers clear and obvious advantages that should be considered by anyone who is wishing to improve their quality of life by overcoming addiction and dependency. For example, one clear advantage of Fort Lauderdale intensive outpatient treatment is that it helps the patient to continue to support their family as necessary.

Family Recovery

Outpatient treatment makes it easy and convenient for those with families to maintain their household responsibilities while still going through various recovery phases. This is especially true with regard to patients who have young children that may need ongoing care and supervision. Conversely, there are other patients who may be in a situation where a spouse works. In this case, there simply may not be enough financial resources to pay for childcare. Drug outpatient treatment is typically a sensible and practical solution for those wishing to improve their life by overcoming dependency and addiction.

Emotional Support

Intensive outpatient treatment in Ft. Lauderdale allows those in recovery to get the help they need from friends and close family members. Most experts agree that one of the biggest challenges in overcoming addiction is isolation. Intensive outpatient treatment leverages a strong network of friends and family who all want to help the patient overcome addiction and dependency. Outpatient treatment is in many cases a more flexible and more appropriate option for people who require greater overall freedom when going through a recovery program.

Intensive Outpatient Recovery Expenses

An advantage of intensive outpatient in Fort Lauderdale is that it is generally much less expensive than inpatient treatment. In fact, cost related concerns are one of the main reasons why people cannot attend treatment today. We will work with you to find a treatment program right for you, regardless of the cost. Most people may find outpatient rehab is a better and less expensive choice. While there are many different types of programs available, our outpatient program can benefit anyone suffering from any kind of addiction.

Busy Schedule?

Even something as simple as being able to maintain a school or work schedule can be invaluable when going through recovery. Intensive outpatient care for drug or alcohol addiction is in many cases the perfect solution for those with a busy or demanding schedule. This is due to the fact that there are often individuals who simply cannot stop working or miss school to participate in an inpatient program. Intensive outpatient treatment offers flexibility so that work and school schedules can be better maintained. Addressing responsibilities of work and school while in an outpatient program can also make available a healthy and necessary outlet for those going through recovery related treatment that is intensive in nature.

Privacy in Recovery

Equally important is the fact that intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale provides for greater levels of privacy. It is an established fact that almost anyone dealing with addiction and those going through recovery often experience shame and embarrassment. Further, many people are simply not able to admit that they have a problem. This can interfere with entering recovery or completing recovery in a successful way. An outpatient program can provide for added levels of confidence and make patients feel safe and more secure allowing them to recover at their own pace.

Maintaining Sobriety

An additional primary advantage of an intensive outpatient recovery in Ft. Lauderdale is that it helps to build community with others in the local area throughout various stages of recovery. One of the most important elements of maintaining sobriety is that of being surrounded by a community of others who are also going through treatment. Greater levels of understanding of what someone is going through during recovery are best achieved by being around people who are experiencing the same feelings and emotions. Intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale helps to build a like-minded community from the very beginning.

More About Above All

Our outpatient rehab center is an evidence-based treatment option that includes supportive group therapy as well as individualized counseling. It is through an integrated approach and a more holistic strategy that lasting recovery and sustained sobriety become possible. As an added note, today’s modern Ft. Lauderdale intensive outpatient programs feature team members who are in recovery and who also help others to recover. Fort Lauderdale drug outpatient services are especially helpful for those struggling with the early stages of recovery.