Group Therapy

Group Therapy           

Getting involved in a recovery program can seem like a scary and challenging thing. It can sometimes be difficult to start opening up about your addiction or your past. This can be especially difficult when it’s time to participate in a group session. Speaking to people you don’t know very well and exposing yourself to others for the first time is often a daunting task.

AARC’s recovery program understands how important group therapy is towards overcoming addiction. Our sessions are led and moderated by highly experienced counselors who are there to support and guide you. They make sure the environment is nurturing so everyone feels comfortable sharing.

We understand that a lot of clients might not have had someone or somewhere to go when they needed someone to talk to. Addiction can drive wedges in relationships between you and friends or family.

Why is Group Therapy So Important?

Group therapy has been shown to be one of the most effective tools for people who are on a recovery journey. Addiction usually thrives in isolation or when people are closed off to others. Since group therapy is a community activity, it breaks off the shackles of isolation. The increased interaction can begin to suck the patterns of alienation and substance abuse away for good.

Group therapy is also useful because:

  1. Those who have similar experiences are more likely to understand what you’re going through.
  2. Your peers in the session can challenge you and give you more useful advice since they can usually relate to you.
  3. The diversity of people in the room can build a sense of perspective through discussion.
  4. Bonds of trust and mutual understand are quickly forged because everyone is working towards the same outcome.
  5. You quickly gain a group of new friends who support and hold each other accountable for their actions.
  6. It’s a great place to formulate short and long term goals for the future since you can get a lot of immediate feedback.

How Does a Group Therapy Session Work?

Group therapy is not about putting someone on the spot or forcing them to admit their deepest secrets right off the bat. AARC’s Fort Lauderdale group therapy sessions are focused on talking about topics that foster and promote recovery. Topics can include education on addiction, how to tackle stressful situations, how to build healthy relationships, and how to deal with issues like shame, guilt, and anger.

The session leader moderates the discussion asks questions and ultimately tries to create a discussion that everyone in the room can benefit from. They empower members to speak out and share, give advice to other people, and do things like challenge false beliefs and explain examples of poor decision making. Patients are often encouraged to take the lead in the discussion.

Group Therapy at AARC

Our certified therapists and licenses counselors know how important group therapy is in affirming aspects of self-worth. Group therapy can be a useful way to let out feelings. Our counselors and session leaders create an environment without judgment where you can feel comfortable speaking in.

We believe in incorporating the best parts of the 12 step program into our teachings and sessions. This could include emotional freedom techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, and energy psychology approaches. Group therapy at AARC’s Fort Lauderdale center doesn’t water down any messages or pick and choose from tried and true recovery strategies.

We simply utilize what words in our group therapy sessions in a manner that all can understand. Group therapy, in conjunction with other aspects of our recovery center like transitional living and individual counseling, are all parts of a well-rounded recovery plan.


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