Transitional Living

PHP Inpatient Drug Rehab

When a patient receiving treatment for substance abuse does not require 24-hour supervision or closely monitored medical care, they are typically considered eligible for a Fort Lauderdale, Florida partial hospitalization program or a PHP program. The main advantage of a partial hospitalization program is that it benefits individuals through a more structured programming where a continuous hospital stay is not required. When this level of care is used in various types of substance abuse related disorders as well as with co-occurring mental health issues, effective care can be delivered at varying levels.

Independent Living

PHP programs are an important part of recovery because everyone is different when it comes to detoxification, drug and alcohol treatment and recovery. In fact, each patient is unique and different and as such requires an innovative and custom approach to treatment strategies. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any Ft. Lauderdale PHP program for substance abuse or addiction is that it allows individuals to still live independently. Those involved with a partial hospitalization program will live in various types of inpatient housing arrangements.

Lasting Recovery

The main goal is to always sustain meaningful relationships throughout the entire recovery process. From reinforcing existing relationships to creating new relationships in recovery, there are many aspects of partial hospitalization that are specifically intended to improve the chances of lasting recovery. Addiction recovery therapy that makes use of a PHP program can be expected to be highly structured and carefully planned. A wide range of strategies is incorporated into this type of addiction recovery program. For example, role-playing is commonly used to help patients enjoy a more successful recovery.

Medical Professionals

Most importantly, access to psychiatrists, doctors, medical management professionals and nurses, as well as others, is made available to the patient throughout the entire program. From aftercare planning to a full range of structured activities and therapy groups as well as other programs, patients in a Ft. Lauderdale PHP program stay actively involved through all stages of treatment. Equally vital to long-term success in any Fort Lauderdale partial hospitalization program is that patients actively interact with the community, peers and family members.

Family Involvement and Rebuilding Relationships

Family support plays a major role in helping patients recover more quickly and more fully. Most programs strongly encourage family members and loved ones to participate in many aspects of the treatment process. This is typically accomplished by allowing family members to be involved in therapy and group sessions. It is through this concept that the patient enjoys improved levels of support from family throughout the entire recovery process. Any partial hospitalization program in Fort Lauderdale will benefit substantially from this type of modern treatment protocol. As an added benefit, when family members are actively involved in the recovery process it helps to heal the pain and discomfort commonly experienced by everyone in the family along with the family member who has the addiction problem. The recovery process helps to shift a misguided “relationship” with a particular substance to one of a more healthy relationship with family members. A comprehensive program will also seek to uncover the main underlying issues that drive particular types of addictive behavior. Once this has been identified relationships can be nurtured and positively encouraged.

Flexible Schedules

A reliable partial hospitalization program in Fort Lauderdale is a viable solution for addicts and alcoholics in search of meaningful and lasting recovery. A PHP program will typically offer day or night treatment options and is considered an excellent way to better manage recovery. It provides greater flexibility and freedom of choice for the patient. Modern partial hospitalization treatment in Fort Lauderdale offers those with substance abuse problems a definitive way out of a never-ending cycle of addiction. By promoting the concept of self-healing, individuals are able to turn inward as a way to work on underlying issues associated with various types of substance abuse.

A Well-rounded Approach

Today most modern partial hospitalization programs make available 24-hour support from a dedicated and experienced team of certified addiction therapists, counselors and medical care provider such as physicians. Considered a more comprehensive type of therapeutic approach, partial hospitalization is thought to be a type of healing technique that is holistic and highly specialized in nature. This simply means that the patient may have available to them massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, guided meditation or a wide range of other alternative treatments opportunities.

More About Above All

Our PHP Inpatient Rehab Program is an evidence-based treatment option that includes supportive group therapy as well as individualized counseling. It is through an integrated approach and a more holistic strategy that lasting recovery and sustained sobriety become possible. As an added note, Above All Recovery features team members who are in recovery and who also help others to recover. Fort Lauderdale drug outpatient services are especially helpful for those struggling with the early stages of recovery.

We recommend the supervision of our structured inpatient transitional living homes as you attend outpatient therapy to continue the success and progress in your sobriety. You are now free to work on your post-treatment goals and objectives. Do not lose focus of what is important and your recovery always comes first before anything else. We encourage everyone to attend twelve-step sober support groups, find a sponsor, and work an active program of recovery. Our Fort Lauderdale, Florida inpatient sober homes are monitored 24/7 yet allow you the freedom to fulfill your daily tasks and responsibilities including employment, academics, and extracurricular activities. Begin to enjoy the gifts that recovery has to offer and live your life to the absolute fullest extent!