Through The Archway

Affordable Alternative Drug Rehab

Through the Archway
with Peter Marinelli

Through the Archway is an affordable alternative treatment program with housing. Over 95% of the people who call for help either do not have insurance that will cover addiction treatment or cannot afford the high cost of traditional treatment. Through The Archway is designed to help patients who cannot afford the high cost of treatment. Through the Archway provides a safe atmosphere for the mind, body, and spiritual growth for people in recovery to rebuild their lives after addiction. 

Program Details

  • Life Coaching with Peter Marinelli
  • Access to Recovery Workshop
  • Accountability
  • 12 Step Philosophy
  • Regular Attendance at Meetings
  • Spiritual Integration
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation

Through the Archway provides housing and comprehensive treatment. The campus is located in the heart of South Florida. Our experienced treatment team will ease each patient through our phases and modalities of treatment centered around the pillars of the program: Healing the mind, body, and soul in a safe and blissful environment. For enrollment information please contact us.

Peter Marinelli

Program Directors

Peter Marinelli is the Founder and Director of Through the Archway, a 30-day program designed to help suffering addicts reclaim their lives. Peter has dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. With nearly 30 years sober, Peter is a national circuit speaker and author. Marion Weston has been sober since November of 1989. Since then she has sponsored many women through the 12 steps as well as being heavily involved in service.

Affordable 30-Day Drug Rehab

Through the Archway Housing

Through the Archway provides 30 days of housing to our program participants. Houses are located in Tamarac, Florida. Placed in a quiet suburban setting, our sober homes are an ideal place for patients to recover in a safe, community setting. Patients have access to both our Recovery Workshop, a free vocational trade school, and Above All Recoverys’ main facility.

Program Components

12 Step Fellowship

Through the Archway is centered around the teachings of the 12 steps and the AA/NA fellowship. Weekly step meetings are required and regular attendance at 12 step meetings is mandatory. Patients are emersed in spiritual principles, accountability, daily prayer and meditation, one-on-one and group sessions, and continuing care. Peter’s Through the Archway is a fellowship unto itself and each and every patient that goes through the program learns unparalleled sober skills.

Access to

``The Shop``

Upon admission, patients are afforded the opportunity to utilize the Recovery Workshop resources. The Shop is a unique vocational trade school created for recovering addicts and alcoholics in South Florida. The Shop covers classes such as electrical, carpentry, auto mechanics, basic home maintenance, flooring and painting, and meditative arts. Along with our classes, Shop participants are given free career coaching and job placement skills training. The Founders of the Shop insist it’s a place for anyone in recovery to better their lives.

Above All Recovery Center

Phase Programs

group room

When attending Through the Archway, patients are given access to Above All Recovery Centers full clinical and medical team. Patients are given the opportunity to choose between traditional treatment or our unique phase program: Recover, Rebuild, Rise. Our three-phase program eases patients into each modality of treatment in recovery. The goal of the Phase Program is to instill long-term sobriety in our patients by teaching them important life skills, along with sober skills.

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Dually Accredited

Above All Recovery Center has been awarded the highest level of approval by the Joint Commision, as well as licensed by DCF to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Our commitment to you goes beyond offering successful drug treatment methods.

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Licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) for the treatment of substance abuse.
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Above All Recovery Center

Above All Recovery is licensed by DCF to treat alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

AARC prides themselves on being a beacon of hope to those suffering from addiction.

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